June 2018

Basics of Blood Sugar Testing

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The Alarming Truth About Blood Sugar and What You Can Do About It If you live in a developed, Westernized country like the US, there's a very good chance you know someone with type II diabetes; maybe a relative, friend, or even yourself.  What you may not realize is there are roughly 30 million Americans [...]

May 2018

Hormone Testing 101

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How The Latest Hormone Testing Can Help You Get Back Into Balance If you suspect hormone problems, but the test results that your healthcare provider ordered appear to be normal, you may need a better test, doctor, or both.  Hormone testing can be overly simplified, or overwhelmingly complicated.  That's why it's extremely important to take [...]

April 2018

Basics of Hormone Imbalance

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What Your Medical Doctor Didn't Tell You About Hormone Imbalance and What To Do About It Have you noticed a change in any of these areas? Body weight or composition? Mood, focus, irritability? Energy, fatigue, or lack of motivation including sex drive? Hair loss or brittle nails? Growth of hair in new places it shouldn't [...]

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