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Santa Rosa Marathon Recovery

Welcome & Congrats To All Participants!

Here are a few post-race recovery tips to keep your body in top shape! Whether it’s 2 minutes or 2 months after the race, your body needs mobility to stay functioning.

1. Thoracic Spine Mobility

Tight shoulders, upper back and mid-spine from hunching over the handlebars? Here’s your fix:

Give yourself a tight hug, lift the hips, and SLOWLY roll up/down and left/right between the shoulder blades.
Lying face down with hands behind head, slowly curl up until your head, arms, neck, and then upper back arch off the floor. Keep the hips and legs pressed into the floor.

2. Hip Flexor Release

Place foam roller across one quad at a time, rotate leg left and right to find knots and adhesions. Hold for 2 minutes, then roll up/down quad, searching for a new trigger point.
In kneeling position, trap left foot against wall, squeeze left glute to tuck hip under. Keep torso tall and upright. Hold for 1-2 minutes, and switch sides.

3. Calf Rescue

Roll up/down, left/right across lower and upper calf for 1-2 minutes per leg. Stack other leg on top for added pressure.
Straighten knee by flexing quad so that knee is locked. Use a wall or structure to help support you as you push the hips back and lean forward.

These are just some of the infinite recovery methods to keep you feeling mobile and injury-free! For more info, check out our office at: