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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Happiness is a healthy child!

Our pediatric care plans are born from the love and understanding of what life promises. Striving to optimize growth and development in our little ones, helping to clear interference and stress from their nervous systems, and supporting them in maintaining optimal health are what we endeavor with every appointment.

As your baby grows, it is recommended by our doctors to schedule appointments for them to be checked as they hit important milestones such as: starting to lift their head, rolling over, creeping, crawling, walking and climbing.


If your little one begins showing any signs or symptoms relating to colic, constipation, reflux, clogged tear duct, chronic ear infections, issues latching or breastfeeding, bringing them in for chiropractic evaluation and care may help dissipate any stress on their nervous system that may be interfering with optimal expression of health. 


For older kiddos, noting if they are frequently sick, displaying challenges in paying attention or remaining focused, or needing support regulating themselves (having tantrums or meltdowns), is important. Scheduling consistent chiropractic care can be beneficial in supporting their developing nervous systems, as well as all the bumps and dings that being a kid entails!

In protecting and supporting your child's nervous system, we want to use all of the tools available. We utilize body scanning technologies to provide objective measurements of the health of their nervous system. You will be able to visualize your child's health-progress via neuromuscular activation and exhaustion, as well as thermal scans along their entire spine, letting you be side by side with your doctor as they care for your child.

Support you can see

Please reach out to inquire about how we can support your child adapt and thrive in this busy world!

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