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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update For Our Clients:

We would like to share with everyone that we are taking all CDC precautions to keep a clean and sanitary space at our office in order to continue providing care to our community as an essential healthcare service. After considering all the information thus far about COVID-19, we are taking these calculated measures to ensure that our clients are able to receive their care. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, we strongly encourage you to refrain from coming into the office and other public spaces until full resolution is reached. These are the actions we are currently taking at our office to mitigate the spread of COVID-19:

  • Longer intervals between clients to decrease overlap in common spaces
  • Upgraded our surface wipes to CDC recommended anti-viral wipes for tables between client visits (99.9% kill claim)
  • Requesting 20 second duration of washing hands (as usual!) before AND after your appointment
  • Removing all children’s toys in playroom. Note: Children are still welcome in the office.

Here at Soul Shine Family Chiropractic, we will continue educating our patients on how to optimize their immune systems during this time.

Please note: If you are immune-compromised or are experiencing flu-like symptoms, we encourage you to contact your medical provider.

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