About Soul Shine Chiropractic and the Doctors Who Serve You

An Entire Team Supporting You

With two chiropractors at Soul Shine, you have the opportunity to have two doctors guiding you on your journey to health and wellness. Patients who come looking for advice regarding health choices have the options of male and female perspectives for health advice.

Wellness Care Personalized to You

Starting with your very first visit, the doctor will take the necessary time to take your health history and perform a thorough physical exam.

Because we believe in empowering you through teaching, the doctor will educate you on your health, giving you key insights that will guide you on your journey to health.

Trusted Healthcare

Soul Shine has been serving families in the Santa Rosa area for close to a decade. Families trust us with their health and the health of their loved ones, which is why multiple generations of family members choose Soul Shine for their family’s holistic chiropractic care. Soul Shine is the home of Functional Medicine, BIRTHFIT Santa Rosa, and ICPA Webster Technique trained practitioners for perinatal care.

Our doctors go above and beyond the standard of care by creating an individualized approach to your health needs.

True Optimized Healing

Here at Soul Shine Wellness Center, we address the root cause of your health problems, instead of just masking symptoms. Using the latest techniques in functional medicine, you can finally understand the underlying problems, and how to start your life-changing journey to the health you were destined to have!

Meet the Soul Shine Wellness Center Team of Doctors

Dr. Matthew Mutch

Dr. Mutch graduated top of his class as Valedictorian from Life Chiropractic College West and was the recipient of the highest honor, Clinical Excellence Award for outstanding patient care during his clinical internship in 2014.

He is also clinically trained by the Kresser Institute of Functional Medicine through the ADAPT Clinician Training Program. He serves as a chiropractor on the Bulletproof Physician Panel and is actively involved in the Paleo Physicians Network where he utilizes an ancestral health perspective to address the root cause of health conditions. In addition to his Functional Medicine practice, he also holds his Level 1 CrossFit Certificate and coaches body weight strength and mobility classes in Santa Rosa.

Dr. Mutch specializes in optimizing cognitive and physical well-being utilizing the latest research.  He presents this latest research to other healthcare providers at continuing education seminars and workshops.

He is passionate about guiding others to achieve cognitive and physical wellness using easy-to-understand principles and time-tested practices that produce real results.

Dr. Bria Iacini Mutch D.C.Dr. Bria Iacini Mutch

Dr. Bria received her BS in Human Physiology from University of Oregon in 2007. Her love for human movement quickly led her into Sports Medicine Internships with Division I sports teams that include University of Oregon Track & Field, Cal Women’s Field Hockey and Lacrosse, and the Cal Football program.

After receiving her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West, her appreciation for the power of the human body shifted her practice emphasis to Pregnancy and Pediatrics. Having met so many strong and committed moms-to-be and their families, Dr. Bria has brought the worldwide resource of BIRTHFIT to Santa Rosa to further support families throughout their preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum Motherhood Transitions. She is also certified Webster Technique practitioner through the ICPA.

Dr. Bria’s passion for the innate intelligence of the body expands beyond the clinical setting, as she also holds her Level 1 CrossFit Certificate and has been teaching indoor cycling and group fitness for over 12 years. She believes that two components are key for one’s success: BALANCE and COMMUNICATION between the mind and body.

With this forever in mind, she strives to offer this experience to those that fall into rhythm with her both in and out of the saddle. Strength, patience, self-love, and community are the building blocks she provides for those that step into the Soul Shine space. As with her coaching career, her practice philosophy has always been, “It’s not a question of CAN you, but rather a question of WILL you do what it takes to make a shift?” She looks forward to hearing you answer when she meets you in the office.


Dr. Larissa Sternberger

Dr. Larissa Sternberger was not born, but fully pasture-raised in Sonoma County. She completed her undergraduate studies at California State University, Chico, receiving her Kinesiology degree with a minor in Health Sciences. After graduation, she also obtained her personal training certification through NASM. Organizing group circuit training programs and classes is where her passion for supporting women and advocating for health began.

Realizing her passion to serve and share preventative health resources with the community quickly grew into exploring masters and graduate programs in healthcare. She soon made the exciting decision to enroll at Life Chiropractic College West where she received her Doctorate of Chiropractic. Through her studies, Dr. Larissa found her inner calling and a deep passion for serving the pediatrics and perinatal populations in preventive family healthcare.

Dr. Larissa is a Webster certified practitioner by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) to serve prenatal, pregnancy and pediatric clients. Appreciating the body and honoring the person in the body is the experience she provides. Creating a grounding atmosphere and supporting the individual’s healing journey is a great privilege for her. She believes that the intuition of the human body expressing life and improving overall resiliency through holistic chiropractic care is incredibly humbling to witness. Dr. Larissa’s mission is to impact the health and wellness for our community by supporting families from conscious conception through childhood developmental milestones and beyond.