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Dr. Matt is a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner trained through the Kresser Institute for Functional Medicine. He practices in Santa Rosa, specializing in ancestral health and preventative healthcare.

July 2018

Chronic Headaches, Migraines, and Blood Sugar

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Chronic migraine headaches are known as the 7th most common cause of disability.  1 in 7 people worldwide suffer from migraines [1]. While researchers are still unclear of the exact cause, there are a variety of triggers for chronic headaches and migraines including food, hormonal fluctuations, musculoskeletal strain, neurological stressors, among others.   What can we do in our control to minimize our susceptibility to these headache [...]

June 2018

Basics of Blood Sugar Testing

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The Alarming Truth About Blood Sugar and What You Can Do About It If you live in a developed, Westernized country like the US, there's a very good chance you know someone with type II diabetes; maybe a relative, friend, or even yourself.  What you may not realize is there are roughly 30 million Americans [...]

May 2018

Hormone Testing 101

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How The Latest Hormone Testing Can Help You Get Back Into Balance If you suspect hormone problems, but the test results that your healthcare provider ordered appear to be normal, you may need a better test, doctor, or both.  Hormone testing can be overly simplified, or overwhelmingly complicated.  That's why it's extremely important to take [...]

April 2018

Basics of Hormone Imbalance

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What Your Medical Doctor Didn't Tell You About Hormone Imbalance and What To Do About It Have you noticed a change in any of these areas? Body weight or composition? Mood, focus, irritability? Energy, fatigue, or lack of motivation including sex drive? Hair loss or brittle nails? Growth of hair in new places it shouldn't [...]

March 2018

6 Little Known Secrets About Hormonal Birth Control Every Woman Should Know

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6 Little Known Secrets About Hormonal Birth Control Every Woman Should Know The birth control pill was approved for use in the United States by the FDA in 1960.  Today, 11 million women in their reproductive years are taking birth control pills in the US, while methods like the IUD have gained more usage and popularity in recent years.   Because hormonal [...]

January 2018

3 Natural Winter Remedies

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3 Reasons You Are Likely To Get Sick In Winter and What You Can Do About It While the winter months are best known for bringing the excitement of the holidays and new year, they can also bring unwanted coughs, sniffles, and sore throats…not mention the flu symptoms!  While the flu shot has been marketed [...]

August 2017

Key Nutrients for Pregnancy

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5 Micronutrients That Every Expecting Mother Requires During Pregnancy During pregnancy, including years before conception, it is absolutely vital for a growing baby to have specific micronutrients in order to grow into the happiest, healthiest newborn possible.  Often, the environmental factors early in our lives have the greatest long term impact on the rest of [...]

June 2017

Drop Post-Partum Weight

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5 Natural Ways to Drop Post-Partum Weight Quickly and Safely Pregnancy brings a lot of new, exciting surprises with it (not all of them as welcome as the baby!) Bloating, morning sickness, indigestion, hormonal shifts, bladder irregularities, sleepless nights, and usually a bit of stubborn weight gain are all possibilities that might come as an [...]

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