Functional Medicine and Ancestral Health in Santa Rosa

1 in 2 Americans have a chronic disease, 1 in 4 have more than one…

Chronic disease has reached an all-time high in the US. All too often, we hear about the growing number of people with chronic disease like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s, thyroid conditions, autoimmune disease, and simply blame our genes.  The truth is, these diseases are largely preventable, and in some cases, reversible.  According to a study in the Journal of Science, 90% of disease stems from environmental and lifestyle factors [Source].

And, while our medical interventions are amazing at emergency care like infection and broken bones, they have no effective treatments for these chronic, degenerative diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, dementia and many others.

Functional Nutrition and True Health Care, Not Just Disease Management

The expression of your health is very similar to a tree.  A healthy tree with flourishing branches and beautiful leaves absorbs vital nutrients through a robust root system.  If the tree starts to decay, wither, and rot, it’s a dire sign that we need to look underneath the surface.  In functional medicine, we take the same approach to investigating health conditions by looking at the root cause(s).

Whether you trying to conceive and are experiencing fertility issues, or dealing with a chronic, debilitating auto-immune condition, we can help.

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Dr. Matthew Mutch is an ADAPT trained practitioner through the Kresser Institute for Functional Medicine

Working with Dr. Matt

Your care begins with two comprehensive visits.  This is to ensure that Dr. Matt can understand your health concerns to the fullest, and identify the cause(s).  The first two appointments are:

  1. The Initial Consult ($85) – This 30-minute appointment allows you to share your health goals/concerns with the doctor.  You will discuss topics like what your priorities are and what you’ve tried in the past.  The doctor will determine and recommend which test(s) will be most helpful for you personally.
  2. The Case Review Appointment ($350) – This is a 60-minute, in-depth, comprehensive appointment in which you and the doctor will discuss and review several key factors.  In addition to reviewing your lab results, you will receive a customized care plan including individualized nutrition and lifestyle strategies, and possibly, supplements.  Many of our patients cannot express enough how valuable the Case Review has been for them in their health successes.

The follow-up visits after the Case Review are ($150) for 30-minutes.  You and your doctor may discuss changes in supplementation, dietary instructions, or lifestyle factors.

*Please note that the above appointment fees do not cover the cost of lab testing.

**Currently, Dr. Matt is seeing patients 2 years and older.


Neuropathy had tried to steal all sensation of life and I had pretty much given up. But then the doctor, who really knew what was going on, began to REALLY HELP immensely. I felt brand new everywhere!!!!

The doctors totally understand, and also know a lot about nutrition which is helpful for my diabetes. WE LOVE YOU 2 at Soulshine. Thank you so much!” –J.H.